Learn tips and tricks to share your referral link or unique code.

The Why and The How

So you have your referral link and code - Great! But now what? More importantly, what is the goal behind sharing your referral link or code?


Your job as a partner is to use your influence to generate clicks or communicate with your friends that lead to signups and/ or purchases which will earn you commissions!

Where Can I Share my Link?

1. Social Media

At a very high level, social media is a great place to reach a lot of people. Creating a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn page to share your referral link can capture the attention of your target market through the use of hashtags alone.

• Upload content (pictures or videos) featuring the product you are sharing and upload it to your social media pages!
• Use hashtags to expand your reach to more people
• If you have a website, blog, or Youtube - write a review on the product or company you are partnered with and share it with your followers!
• Seek relevant forums, online magazines, or review sites to connect you with the right audience
• Facebook and Linkedin groups are other great hubs that have a lot of engagement with your target audience

2. Email

Self-promotion is an important aspect of being a partner. You want to ensure people remember that you have a referral link and who told them about a certain product or gift.

• Attach your referral link to your email signature
• Send out emails to your contact list

3. Tell a Friend or a Coworker

Did you know 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions are made through word of mouth?

Think about the product you're recommending - does anyone come to mind (friends, coworkers, clients, etc.)? You know these people better than most people; think about their interests and make a personal recommendation!

Ready to get started?